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ProsegurProsegur was born in 1976 at the hands of Herbert Gut, who believed in an emerging sector, the Private Security. The Company pioneered in markets such as large shopping centers, power plants and industrial facilities, among others. Prosegur Group is a leading private security in all countries where it operates.

With over 600 branches worldwide, 100,000 employees and a fleet of 5,500 vehicles (cars and light armored car), Prosegur offers specialized security services in thirteen countries in Europe and Latin America.


Prosegur is committed to being a benchmark company in the private security industry that is present in countries around the world. In Europe, Prosegur is present in Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Romania, and Latin America - Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay.

Challenges and business goals

Identify Talent Company and make sure she has a staff necessary to monitor the growth of the business.

Bourroul Solution Consulting
Conducting Assessment for employees throughout Brazil, through a methodology for assessing the potential and abilities.
The program allowed a detailed mapping of staff skills through individual performance reports, with individual development plans .




Recent Trainings and Workshops

  • CUSUPE Project -Family Workshop  - Bimbo from Brazil (2012)
  • Young Talents Project - You Module -  Achievement and Challenges - Prosegur Brazil (2011)
  • Plan for Human and Organizational Development, Training Performance Assessment of Skills - LVBA Company (2011)
  • Training Customer Service - Zucchi Gynecology (2011)
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